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Academic Life

​​Course Registration
  • Course Registration : Refer to the course registration manual (Download)
  • Course Registration Counsel : In order to acquire credits more efficiently through the reinforcement of academic advising and guidance
  • Targets : Undergraduate students (including student on a leave of absence) who are going to register for the coming semester
College of  / Liberal Arts and Natural Science college : all students
Engineering college : Student who abandoned ABEEK (Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea)program and started one’s undergrad before ABEEK program.
First-year and transfer students are not applicable to the course registration counsel.
  • Period : for 2 weeks before the course registration period starts.
  • Procedure : Click the course registration counsel menu in KAU portal.
KAU Portal → Apply for counsel → Course registration counsel
The course registration counsel should be progressed in the KAU Portal and other ways (mail, phone call) are not allowed.
  • Target Subjects 
Major courses are opened in the related semester (including required basic and optional basic courses)​
Course registration plan about other courses should be entered into ‘Non-major’ or ‘Enter counseling contents’ sections.
Select courses within one’s maximum number of credits.
  • Grade Caveator Counsel : Students who enters a caveat in the just before semester. (GPA 1.8 or less)
  • Course Retake Requirements
Previously acquired grades : C+ or lower (Without any acquired grades, students can not retake the course.)
Limitations of retaking courses
Register-able credits : Students can register within one’s maximum number of credits per a semester.
Maximum acquirable grades : A0
Retaken course grades processing system
After newly acquired credits are processed completely, previously acquired credits will become invalid.
  • Criterion of Closing Courses
If the headcount of students who registered the course is less than 10 for major courses and 20 for non-major courses, the course will be closed. (in accordance with Academic Regulations Article 9, Clause 6)
​​International students graduation certification system 
  • Acquire TOPIK level 4 or higher.
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