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Academic Life

Leave of absence/Returning from a leave of absence/Temporary departure
Leave of absence

  • Applicable to students who should return to one’s country for unavoidable reasons such as health and family circumstances. (International students who have a D-2 visa should change to other legal sorts of visa after the leave of absence and return to Korea.)

  • How to Apply : Visit Institute of International Culture and Education → Fill out the application form (Bring an airline ticket and a certificate of alien registration) →Receive a confirmation of the person in charge of Institute of International Culture and Education → Receive a confirmation of the college office → Submit it to the administration office


Temporary Departure

  • If student wish to leave Korea temporarily during vacation for any special reasons.

Submit the application form 10 days before departure surely.

Application form(Download)

Health Insurance & Medical Service
 All international students must be insured during their study period to receive proper treatment from any unexpected illness and injury during the stay in Korea.
  • Students must pay the Insurance fee with their tuition and if missed the payment for unavoidable circumstances, students must visit the Service Center for International Students to apply.

  • Students must submit a copy of insurance certificate to the Service Center for International Students by e-mail ( if they already have an insurance.

유학생 문화체험
한국의 대표 관광지, 놀이공원, 공연관람 등 다양한 문화체험활동 체험을 지원함
  • 문화체험활동 일정 : 5월 / 10월 (학기 별 1회)
유학생 상담
외국인 유학생은 매월 1회 정기상담을 실시해야 함
  • 상담내용 : 학사일정, 학교생활 및 출입국업무 관련
  • 상담장소 : 국제교류원 (우주센터 203호) 
  • 상담시기 : 매월 1회 (이메일 공지)
  • 학업부진상담 : 학기 말 성적발표 후 개별 공지
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